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Do you have liver disease? How should you take care of yourself at Christmas?

Foods high in fat and salt and alcohol can be very harmful for people with liver disease. That is why they must be especially careful with Christmas celebrations and not neglect food these days.

liver functions

The liver is an organ that performs a fundamental function in the body: it is responsible for purifying the body, helping to eliminate toxins from our body. In addition, it also stores nutrients such as vitamins, iron or glucose; manufactures substances necessary for blood clotting and immunity...

So as we can see, the health of this organ is closely linked to food. People who have liver problems often have problems metabolizing proteins and fats. This situation, added to malabsorption of nutrients, causes malnutrition or obesity rates to be high.

Tips to combat liver problems during the holidays

All this means that the holidays, days in which people tend to eat and drink excessively, pose a risk for these people. So we propose a series of tips for people who suffer from the liver.

The specialist recommends, as far as possible, opt for fruits, vegetables, legumes, pasta, rice and whole grain products; and divide the diet into five or six meals a day.

Avoid foods that contain fat and carbohydrates (such as lard, cocoa butter, chocolates, industrial pastries, pastries...) because they will increase skin edema. And don't forget that raw fish and shellfish, such as oysters, can contain bacteria that can cause serious infections in people with chronic illnesses.

The liver processes the alcohol you drink, and alcohol is a poison that can be fatal in a person who already has liver damage. And you don't have to resign yourself to toasting with water: nowadays non-alcoholic wines and cavas are marketed.

Exercise is basic for everyone, and especially for people with liver diseases. It increases energy levels that may be low if the liver does not work properly, controls weight (another of the problems of these patients) and improves mood and sleep, both key to coping with the disease. An exercise as simple as going for a walk between meals can be useful these days.

To control the fatigue caused by liver disorders, a good rest is necessary. Sleep repairs daytime wear and tear and restores energy levels, something that people with liver problems do not have enough of.

Itching is a common skin symptom in patients with primary biliary cholangitis. It can range from a mild tingle to unbearable discomfort, which can cause anything from simple rubbing or scratching to skin lesions. To avoid this as much as possible, choose baggy clothes these holidays and preferably natural fabrics such as cotton. Synthetic fabrics cause more itching.

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