limpiar el hígado

You need to cleanse your liver after Christmas!

We all know that during the Christmas holidays everyone commits excesses, eats and drinks without measure and then suffers from conscience. All this affects the liver. We propose a series of measures for after the holidays to detoxify the liver and prevent fatty liver.

  • Eliminate alcohol from your routine for at least a month. To this, you can add also leaving soft drinks and juices with added sugars. Bet on natural juices, water, tea...
  • Cut down on processed foods for a while.
  • Exercise a minimum of 3 hours a week, combining it with walks and walks every day, at least 15 minutes. Set real times and distances, otherwise you won't get it.
  • Drink coffee. It is proven that it helps reduce the risk of fat accumulation in the liver.
  • Bet on good habits in your day to day.

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