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What does Niru mean?

Nirú, in Javanese, means mixture with a balance between the elements. So NiruShop is a line of natural products, each one with its own independent characteristics and benefits, but all together, they form a single objective: to help, teach and re-educate in the good health of our body and mind.


Our strong point

The use of natural ingredients in supplements for the body has several advantages:

Natural ingredients are generally considered safe and well tolerated by the body. This is because they are derived from plants, minerals, and other sources that have been used in traditional medicine for centuries. Conversely, synthetic ingredients are more likely to cause side effects and allergic reactions.

They tend to be more effective than synthetics when it comes to providing the body with the nutrients it needs. This is because they contain a broader range of beneficial compounds, such as enzymes, cofactors and phytochemicals, which work together to support the body's natural processes.

They are more sustainable and respectful with the environment than synthetic ones. Many natural ingredients come from plants that can be grown and harvested without harming the environment, while synthetic ingredients are often produced through processes that consume a lot of energy and can have a negative impact on the environment.

They are also usually more affordable than synthetics. This is because they are derived from plants and other readily available natural sources, while synthetic ingredients can be more expensive to produce and require more processing.

In general, the use of natural ingredients in supplements can provide the body with the nutrients it needs in a safe, effective and sustainable way.

Why was NIRUSHOP born?

NIRUSHOP was born to have a holistic vision of beauty and health, thus balancing our bodies, our minds and the environment. Our products are made up of ancestral natural remedies, which continue to work today. NIRUSHOP was born to merge science, ancestral knowledge and natural remedies in a unique way: Our products .