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Product to reduce bags and wrinkles

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Do you have bags or wrinkles under your eyes? Resorting to surgery requires a lot of resources and time, which is why Instant Beauty gives you the immediate solution for special occasions. A gel specially formulated to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, eye bags and expression lines with a progressive tightening effect that will reduce in a few seconds and give a more youthful appearance to your face.

Its innovative formula is made of natural extracts and Vitamin E that help rejuvenate your skin, nourishing and protecting it while tightening to hide mature features. Try it today and see the difference for yourself.

"Recomendamos aplicar una pequeña gota del tamaño de un grano de arroz para facilitar el efecto tensor y evitar que queden residuos blancos."

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  • Step 1: Apply an amount similar to the size of a grain of rice on a finger, avoiding using less or more to achieve adequate absorption.
  • Step 2: Gently slide the gel under the eyes, from the inside to the outside, ensuring an even application around the eyes.
  • Step 3: Avoid gesturing for 60 seconds to 2 minutes while the product dries for amazing results.

Water, Magnesium Aluminum Silicate, Oryza Sativa Starch, Xanthan Gum, Phenoxyethanol, Hectorite, Cichorium Intybus Root Oligosaccharides, Avena Sativa Extract, Glycerin, Ethylhexylglycerin, Sodium Phyto, Caesalpinia Spinosa Gum, Gluconolactone, Benzoate Sodium, Caprylyl Glycol, Acetyl Hexapeptide 8, Calcium Gluconate.


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The most innovative ingredients

Created with care, our formula incorporates high-quality ingredients carefully selected through rigorous scientific review and evaluated by a third-party laboratory to ensure excellence. All components are 100% vegan and the natural inspiration is reflected in the selection of ingredients naturally derived or produced to mimic the exact molecular structure.

  • Magnesium

    It offers notable benefits in reducing wrinkles and eye bags by providing absorbent and mattifying properties, in addition to contributing to skin tightening.

  • Glycerin

    This effective moisturizer helps reduce wrinkles and eye bags by keeping skin hydrated, promoting softness and elasticity for a tightening effect that will transform your face.

  • Avena Sativa

    It offers specific benefits to reduce wrinkles and eye bags, while helping to tighten the skin for a firmer and more rejuvenated appearance.

  • Vitamin E

    Vitamin E provides benefits focused on reducing wrinkles and eye bags, while contributing to tightening the skin for a firmer appearance.

Instant effectiveness

Incredible results within 60 seconds!

Don't wait any longer to transform your appearance and dazzle on your special occasions! Discover for yourself the difference Instant Beauty can make in your life. Try our revolutionary gel today and experience smoother, younger, more radiant skin in seconds.


Youth in every application: our cream, your secret.

Explore the revolutionary formula of our Instant Beauty Gel. Reduce wrinkles and fine lines, while nourishing and protecting your skin with natural extracts and Vitamin E. Elevate your skin care routine for natural, long-lasting beauty. Get yours today!

Wrinkle reduction

❓The cause

Wrinkles and tired skin can be the result of natural aging, sun exposure, unhealthy lifestyle habits, dehydration, repetitive facial expressions and genetic factors, underscoring the importance of proper care and healthy habits to maintain vibrant and healthy skin. rejuvenated

💧The solution

To achieve instant results with Instant Beauty, a gel that reduces wrinkles and expression lines in 60 seconds, the combination of key ingredients stands out:

  • Aluminum and Magnesium Silicate

  • Cichorium Intybus (Chicory) Root Oligosaccharides

  • Avena Sativa Extract

  • Glycerin

  • Gluconolactone

  • Acetyl Hexapeptide 8

  • Calcium gluconate

It is suggested that the application of Instant Beauty can offer visible results in just 60 seconds, thanks to this combination of ingredients selected to act quickly and effectively in reducing signs of skin aging.

🌱 The results

Instant Beauty provides noticeable results by effectively reducing the appearance of wrinkles, diminishing eye bags and smoothing expression lines. Experience a progressive tightening effect for more rejuvenated, youthful-looking skin.

Visible results in 60 seconds!

Garantías de NIRUVITA


Our clients give their opinion after testing the product throughout the treatment, its validity gives us guarantee, fidelity and security.


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You have doubts?

What makes Instant Beauty unique?

Instant Beauty is unique thanks to its special formula that, in just 60 seconds, reduces shine on the skin and reduces wrinkles and expression lines. It combines ingredients such as Aluminum and Magnesium Silicate for an immediate effect, making the skin look younger and fresher quickly and easily.

How does skin regeneration work with Instant Beauty?

Instant Beauty stimulates skin regeneration through an innovative combination that instantly reduces shine, hydrates and softens the skin, improves skin texture and helps reduce wrinkles and expression lines. In just 60 seconds, it promotes rapid regeneration for firmer, more rejuvenated skin.

How long does it take to see results with Instant Beauty?

Instant Beauty promises to deliver visible results in just 60 seconds. In that short period, thanks to its innovative formula, you can experience an instant reduction in shine, as well as noticeable improvements in the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines. It is important to follow application instructions to maximize the benefits of the product.

How does Instant Beauty improve your skin in the long term?

Instant Beauty can offer long-term benefits by stimulating skin regeneration with its combination of innovative ingredients. By reducing shine, hydrating and softening the skin, improving skin texture, and helping to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, continued use of the product can help maintain a younger, firmer appearance over time. It is important to be consistent in applying as directed to get the best long-term results.

Is there any guarantee that Instant Beauty works?

The effectiveness of Instant Beauty may vary depending on each person's individual response, but the product generally offers a guarantee backed by clinical studies and user testimonials. It is important to follow the application instructions and be consistent to obtain optimal results. Also, keep in mind that the specific warranty may depend on the manufacturer's return policy or the place of purchase, so it is advisable to review this information when purchasing the product.

How should it be maintained?

In a cool and dry place.