Tu cuerpo y tu mente necesitan descansar

Your body and mind need to rest

If you lead a very active lifestyle, your nervous system may be getting out of balance, as well as starting to have physical problems.

The importance of sleeping and resting properly

Resting and getting enough sleep is essential to recover physical and emotional well-being. Lack of rest can not only affect mood or reaction capacity, but also memory, the immune system and blood pressure.

Your nervous system could be affected

If you feel identified with any of the following points, it may be that your nervous system is being affected by lack of sleep: hunched back, furrowed eyebrows, crossed arms, tense jaw, intestinal problems, blinking, lower back pain, pain headlong, loss of motivation, irascibility, difficulty concentrating, bad mood...

Resting allows the body to repair itself, delay oxidative processes and recover energy. These are the most important points about the advantages of sleeping well and respecting sleep rhythms.

During the first stage of sleep, non-REM sleep, the brain produces longer, slower brain waves.

In the later phase, the REM phase, the body is totally relaxed, we enter deep sleep, but, on the contrary, the mind is active. Numerous studies show that REM sleep is important for consolidating memories and taking in all the information received during the day.

The popular expression of "sleeping on it" is not in vain: when we sleep, we settle our experiences and thoughts, order them, file them and understand them better.

Under normal conditions, sleeping about eight hours a day should be enough to feel rested, prevent illnesses, and keep your mind organized and ready to continue learning.

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